Evolution of Super Mario

Although we can’t list all the games Mario has been in, we have collected some that marked important milestones in his history.

Donkey Kong (Arcade) – 1981

Then no one thought that “Jumpman” would turn from a minor character into the most popular hero in the history of video games. In his first appearance, most of Mario’s signature look was almost complete, including the famous red hat, jumpsuit and pronounced Italian mustache.

Donkey Kong (Game & Watch) – 1982

This portable game was the second appearance of Mario. These games had a fixed background that allowed the user to move Mario from the bottom of the screen to the top. He is almost recognizable in the game, but there were limitations in the system.

Mario Bros. (Arcade) – 1983

It was the first game in which Mario played a major role, and his brother Luigi was released at the same time. There were only minor changes in Mario’s character, one of which was that his nose became less prominent.

Mario is gone! (Super NES) – 1992

As the name suggests, Mario is nowhere to be found, so the main character of this educational game was his brother Luigi. It bears a great resemblance to the graphics of the Super Mario world.

Mario’s Tennis (Virtual Boy) – 1995

The game has been available in North American stores for less than 6 months. She was the number 4 star out of 22 games released worldwide. The game was bundled with the system, so it was probably the most recognizable for gamers.

Mario Kart: Double Dash (Gamecube) – 2003

It was the first Mario Kart on the console in almost a decade, and a lot was expected from it. It was certainly a fun game, although it was far from perfect, especially in multiplayer mode. The difference of this game was that it allowed two players to sit in a cart, one of whom controlled it, and the other kept behind. Players could switch between two characters at any time.

Mario Kart Wii (Wii) – 2008

It was a time when Nintendo used all the features of the Wii, releasing a Mario Kart game for it. The game came with a Wii wheel accessory that allowed players to use it as a steering wheel. The game had network features that enabled players to communicate with people around the world.

Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo 3DS) – 2011

This game included components of 2D and 3D platforms. It also featured elements from other games, such as the power sheet. It became the fastest selling portable Mario game in history.

Mario Tennis Open (Nintendo 3DS) – 2012

This Mario tennis game has received mixed reviews, even despite some outstanding features, such as support for a multiplayer game for 4 players over a wireless connection.