Gameplay in Super Mario

The task of the player who leads Mario is to overcome the Mushroom Kingdom. This path is not easy. Throughout the game, the passage is hindered by the villain Bowser. But the hero must overcome all the challenges on his way and save the princess named Toadstup. The path to victory lies through the flagpoles, which Mario needs to reach at the end of each level.

Throughout the game, the main character periodically collects coins that get in his way. There are also bricks with a question mark. Once on them, you can collect more coins and other items needed in the game. When there is enough time, it is necessary to knock down other bricks, because some of them have hidden valuable items or coins.

If Mario eats a mushroom mushroom, from just mario mario he turns into Super Mario super mario. That is, it becomes twice as large and is endowed with the power to split bricks over itself. But the hero should be careful: if he gets hit, he will regain his original appearance, although he will save his life.

If the hero gets to the fire flower flower and eats it, it transforms into Fire Mario fire mario. This gives the main character the ability to throw jumping fireballs with his hands. If Mario manages to touch the jumping Superstar, he acquires the status of Star Mario.

Star Mario

In the status of Star Mario, the hero becomes practically invulnerable. In addition, he is given the opportunity to deal with his enemies just by touching them. But this unique ability disappears very quickly, so you need to use it as efficiently as possible and very quickly.

At the start, the player is given a certain number of lives. But with each failure of Mario, they decrease, each damage from the enemy takes a life. Also, life is taken away along with the end of the allotted time, or when Mario falls into a deep hole.


Often the only way for Mario to win is to jump. Enemies react to such attacks in their own way. For example, coops, creatures resembling turtles, hide under their shells. Bugs, which are referred to in the game as Buzzy, when in danger, they turn into a shell. But the Gumbas are flattened, it’s easier for the hero to destroy them.

You can shoot fire at many enemies. Coins are given as a reward for this.

Throughout the game, the worlds change, they don’t look like each other. But the final part of each traditionally leads to the castle, where Mario is waiting for a fight with the main villain Bowser . The battle always takes place over a suspension bridge.

During the game, you should always remember that there is a shorter way to win. If you find such routes, you can significantly reduce the time to complete each level. If possible, all sections of the path should be overcome by running. This is caused by time constraints. The faster the next segment of the game is overcome, the higher the final result will be.